Private Lessons



The vocal melody is typically the most memorable part of our favorite song and being able to pull it off in a live setting with confidence requires a great deal of training. Our skilled instructors will help your child replace that hairbrush they’ve been singing into with a microphone and guide them on their path to the limelight.



The cornerstone of any Rock band is the Electric Guitar. Greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, and Slash were all able take their music out of the garage and onto the stage with the help of a professional music teacher. Guitarists who take lessons learn at a rate at 10 times of that of a person who tries to teach themselves.




One half of the rhythmic backbone of a rock band is the Bass. No band is complete without the thunderous pulse of the electric bass. Students will learn not only how to compliment the drummer but also the guitarist in a band, by gaining extensive knowledge of chord structure, scale theory, and rhythmic dynamics.



“A band is only as good as it’s drummer” – Joe Strummer of The Clash

The drummer is the ultimate time keeper of a band and good timing is at the crux of separating music from unorganized noise. Drum students will learn fundamentals, fills, technique, and various playing styles with one of our skilled instructors. Drummers are always in high demand in the music world and your child could be the next-big-thing’s most important member with a little guidance from our team.



Some of the most important songs in the history of modern music started on the Keyboard. It is the songwriters instrument of choice and also the source of some of Rock N Roll’s most memorable instrumental hooks. The instrument is also highly versatile in it’s ability to mimic various instruments, such as strings, horns, and organs. Our skilled instructors will not only teach your child the classics and fundamentals of virtuosos like Beethoven, Chopin, and Mozart, but the nuanced stylings that influenced Rock n Roll such as Blues, Soul, R n B, and Boogie Woogie.

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